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About Us

51°N is a multi-disciplinary team of designers working in new media. We have years of experience working as designers with charities, government bodies and publishers. Our design and training is function led, it serves a clear purpose, but at the same time we ensure that it is innovative and eye catching. You won’t hear jargon or incomprehensible designer talk; we have built a reputation for being friendly and easy to work with.

51°N provide solutions that work. We look to identify the key users and define their goals. Only by understanding the objectives can we meet your requirements. In addition, by defining the client’s benchmark for success upfront we can gauge the effectiveness and the value we have added.

Winners of the Jodi Awards 2009

sally booth website51°N work in producing accessible websites was publicly recoginsed when one of the websites we built,, was winner of the The Jodi Awards 2009 (Digital Access Online: Low Budget Award).