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About this album

The High Angle Battery is a derelict fort built in 1892 on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, England. The battery was built as part of Britain’s Coastal Defences in 1892 and is located in a disused Portland Stone quarry at the northern end of the island. Positions were built for eight guns, but in the event only six were installed. The supply of shells was stored in underground magazines reached by a short railway track.

The collaboration was initiated by Joe as part of his practice in exploring extrapolative projects that can be ongoing or momentary, physically realised or realised later in the design stage. These include outdoor displays and signage, site-specific interactions, and other permanent or ephemeral activities. Joe considers some projects as a sort of “R&D” of interpretive practice.

The live performance was conducted on a cold, but bright, sunny day. Before we proceeded to investigate the tunnels, some rules had been put in place: firstly that we were to take nothing in with us except for our microphones and recorders, no instruments or any material we could use to make sound from. Second was that we were all to start recording at the same time – this was so that each artists individual recording of the space could be superimposed on each others, building up a rich sonic picture of the place.

The artists foraged through the space, collecting objects and ‘playing’ them using the varied surfaces within the space. Searching for ways to animate the space and instigating interactions with each other. As awareness of resonance developed, hints of interplay between the artists blossoms into something resembling a performance.

What you hear is each of our tracks, synched together and overlaid – with little editing. All the sounds originate from materials found in-situ, and from interactions with the space itself. The tracks are a recording of a specific moment in time, in a specific location.




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