I’m interested in the cross-fertilization of art with other disciplines and increasingly interested in performative, invitational, and collaborative models for producing. Using contemporary technology as a tool for working with other media in a way that echoes the ephemeral nature of oral cultures.

My practice over the last few years has increasingly seen me engage with archives. Leading me to investigate ways to identify holes in local archives and working to fill gaps in these collections. In 2011 I curated a series of events exploring our everyday working lives. This involved two years research working with the community to record people’s memories of leaving school and entering the workforce.

me at Fleet

Shown my generative abstract animations in galleries and outdoor sites across the UK. Developed this body of work into a new series of animations created by analysis of field recordings. Further developed this work for a cultural Olympiad commission to explore the landscape recorded with GPS recorder and interpreting data into a set of images.

Produced radio programs broadcast on independent FM radio stations across Europe and USA. Furthermore have audio work released on various compilations.

I am available for collaborations, commissions, seminars, workshops, etc.