My practice is people orientated and explores issues in an engaging and creative way. My vision is explored through print, photography, moving image and sound. I feel that each different subject area under investigation demands different approaches to achieve defined representation. I’ve always been interested in trying to express my collaborative work in a way that is moving and non-judgmental.

One of my main motivations is to help make sense of the things around us and to help serve as my visual memory. Whether it is exploring personal memories or looking at how we relate to our surroundings or simply looking more closely at the objects and spaces around us. I have keen interest in the traces we leave behind, in how our environment comes into existence and the marks we leave behind.

The key field of activity for me is public space. Photographs, video and writing, which all testify to how we use public space, how we move through it, sit in it, lounge or conduct ourselves in it, and above all how we relate to other people and objects. Generally, my works concern themselves with how people move and act in the public domain and how the personal realm relates to this.

My collaborative practice deals with spaces and places – spatial thinking and a physical experience of site. My approach often embarks through research around a particular site, which generates annotated maps, photographs, drawings, writing and numerous field notes that gather historical and contextual data. The artist’s pseudo-scientific method creates a web of connections that often links historical events and anecdotes with personal discoveries.

I have been involved in a wide variety of educational projects and I am committed to socially engaged practice seeking to give communities a voice. In 2006 I joined forces with three other people to form a charity – digital:works – to further develop this type of work. I enjoy the challenge of engaging with the public and I have a wide range of practical experience of working with;

  • local authorities,
  • charities,
  • social enterprises,
  • voluntary organisations
  • communities groups.

I am an artist who works in a range of digital mediums, including photography, video, animation, sound, print and the web. I enjoy a mix of working collectively to collaborate on artworks – to working on my own in isolation.

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