Google Earth ImageI have developed my practice to include communities mapping their landscape. This can include hand drawn and annotated paper maps, through to live electronic google earth representations of their area.

Below is a selection of work from the participatory workshops I undertook at South Dartmoor Community College. Featuring the maps we created exploring areas important to the young people.


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My approach is based around the concept of Psychogeography which explores the relationship of place to its social and cultural history, past, present and future. I work flexibly with people building on my ideas of exploring ‘Place and Locality’. I have always been interested in people’s stories and would look to record these, exploring individuals’ sense of place. I can use sound, writing, drawing, video and photography to record the way we live today. To record the ordinary and extraordinary details of life in 21st century Britain. I find using contemporary art practice helps people explore place. It helps people look at afresh and appreciate the community in which they live.