Public space

I’ve long been interested in public space; in the public/private spaces we inhabit, how we use and claim ‘ownership’ over these places. We often freely move from public to private spaces without being aware of crossing a boundary. I find it very interesting to observe where we gather and how we relate to one another (people watching is a very common pleasurable experience), seeing peoples movements as an unconscious choreography.

I get a lot of my inspiration from working in the public realm and interacting with people. I also get inspiration from the public space. This is interesting to me because it’s the space we move in. I’m interested in how people relate to each other. The public space is also a picture of how society changes.

As David Harvey has said in ‘Spaces of Capital’, “To locate ‘control’ it is necessary to peer beyond the glass and concrete facades of the modern city and look to the configurations that arise in the swirling mist of a forgotten and often distorted history. Not only do we transform ourselves through the forging of our environment but we can be forged through the transformation of that environment. Although this is clear, the role ideology (overt and implicit) plays in this process is not.”

For me there is an interest in revealing what is there through some system of digging, scraping away, a personalized form of archaeology, if that isn’t sounding to self-serious.