I’m excited about this new venture that has seen a collaboration I initiated being released as a limited edition CD-R at;

Play a sample from angle

angle album coverThe CDR features 3 tracks recorded inside the tunnels at this derelict fort on Portland, where we proceeded to play the space with whatever came to hand. Each artist capturing the sound at their location. What you hear on the CD is each of our tracks, synched together and overlaid. All the sounds originating from materials found in-situ, and from interactions with the space itself. The tracks are a recording of a specific moment in time.

This is a departure from the series of field recordings I have been capturing and releasing as monthly soundscapes at – I tend to capture these places on my own and are more contemplative. While I don’t mind being heard, of my movement, my presence within the space being recorded on this albums, on the whole I tend to remain quiet and still during the recording.

While this new recording sees me actively interacting with the space and purposely making sounds. Moreover it was a collaborative approach to field recording which I plan on doing more of.

It was a great experience interacting with the space and the other artists. Looking forward to finding more places to play.

Buy angle for £8.50 plus P&P from

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