CD packaging

1 minute autohypnosis… 21st CD

I have a track ‘Portland Harbour Windpower’ on this compilation. And what an absolute pleasure it was to to receive the CD …

Frogs album cover

Frogs on VQR Static

Captured one lovely spring morning, with the sun shining. I settled down close to the water’s edge and positioned the microphone just above the frogs mating in the water below. Every year seems to be different and the year of this recording there were many more frogs than previously. The pond seemed to be teaming with them.

1 minute autohypnosis Project

1 minute autohypnosis Project

I was approached by Pedro Bericat at Mute Sounds to contribute to their 1 minute autohypnosis Project. For which I have shared one of my recordings of wind power turbines at Portland harbour. This will be found on CD 21, track 10.

North west 6 to Gale 8 Cover Art

Northwest 6 to Gale 8 (Em194)

I have a new release out on the Electronic Musik net label. This is a DIY label which specialises in experimental electronica and improvised music. Formed in 2000 it’s run by the Sound manipulator / Improvising musician Ian Simpson (aka Noise Research) and is non profit making which enables the label to release exactly what it wants.


Art of Noise

This album marks the centenary of the publishing of Luigi Russolo’s manifesto “Art of Noise”.