The Journey: Exploring the Nature of Mending (14th Sept – 27th Oct, 2013)

My work features in this exhibition at Walford Mill Crafts, which explores attitudes towards repair and challenge our beliefs that a mended item is of less value than a perfect one.

Northwest 6 to Gale 8 (16th Sept 2013)

A new audio release out on the Electronic Musik net label.


Bridport open studio (25th – 26th Aug 2013)

Showing work at DIVAcontemporary Studio.

Live performance at Drill Hall (11th Aug 2013)

Experimental performance with metamedia, sonically exploring Portland quarries, showcasing work in progress.

NoiseFloor festival 2013 (30th April – 3rd May, 2013)

Reinventing the Landscape screening at NoiseFloor festival held at Staffordshire University, Beaconside, Stafford.

Art of Noises

I performed  at this staged at  Celebratory concert to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the futurist ‘art of noises’ manifesto

Creative Conversations on Soundart Radio (March 2, 2013)

My new series of ‘Creative Conversations‘ shows has been picked up by Soundart Radio 102.5 FM. This is an independent radio station based in Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon.

“No Labels No Musics” electro-music album compilation (February 15, 2013)

One of my compositions – Transitory - features on this sound collage album.

New album released: A30 (January 25, 2013)

New album released on label. A30 sees me combine three strands of my work: concrete music, ambient sound design and field recording.

Creative Conversations radio show (January 15, 2013)

This radio show I have instigated is back for its second series. Following on with artist from where we left them last year and connecting with new local artists.

Composition selected for the 60×60 UK Mix (December 16)

Composition Northwest 6 to gale 8 selected for the 60×60 UK Mix. My composition comprises of treated field recordings from a windy day at Portland Marina.

Play Time project leader (December 10)

I am leading this Heritage Lottery Fund project, which sees a group of volunteer investigators examine how the leisure-time activities have changed over the last 60 years to create a new archive.

New album released: chapel (November 30)

Continuing my sonic exploration of different architectural spaces. This sees me collaborate with two artists to explore the sonic potential of St. Catherine’s Chapel in Abbotsbury, Dorset, UK.

A Very Fine Needle article published (November 16)

My article, A Very Fine Needle, on undergoing an electromyography test and how this experience has affected me sound production, is published in eContact. This is an electronic journal of electroacoustics. Published by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community since 1997.

Reinventing the Landscape screened at film festival (October 5)

One of my GPS-triggered works that investigates the landscape by capturing a description of a walk using an abstract visual language shown at Outcasting Fourth Wall Festival.

Commission from Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival to develop a new sonic bus tour (September 25)

The bus tour explores our  connections to the landscape through reflections of Bournemouth’s local residents. It provides an original opportunity to bring alive the memories of local residents. Using the rich archive collected by Streets of Bournemouth.

Talk about Parallels and Meridians (September 5)

Talk at Jackson Gallery, Portland, about technology behind my GPS driven animation and the aesthetics that led up to it.

b-side multimedia arts festival (29 August to 9 September 2012)

Parallels and Meridians – Beyond the Boundaries - installed in Jackson Gallery, Portland, as part of the b-side multimedia festival, a cultural Olympiad event.

Art and geological Field Trip in Sherborne

Led guided walk that was run in association with Simon Callery ExLab exhibition. The walk featured input from artist, Simon Callery, and geologists, Sam Scriven, and local historian Catherine Baker. It include a visit to a local quarry and explore Sherborne’s location in the landscape and its connection with the Jurassic Coast.

Celebrating Silent Spring at 50 (August 1 2012)

Invited to take part in the celebration of this influential environmental book.

Talk about Parallels and Meridians

Gave a talk during the coach trip around the Weymouth art events about my GPS driven animation, Parallels and Meridians – Beyond the Boundaries.

b-side multimedia arts festival (27 July to 12 August 2012)

Parallels and Meridians – Beyond the Boundaries – installed in Weymouth as part of the b-side arts festival, a cultural Olympiad event.

South Dorset Ridgeway Consultation (27 July)

Employed by DIVA Contemporary and AONB to undertake creative consultations with the public about the Ridgeway and its importance.

2012 World Listening Day (18 July)

Led a soundwalk on Portland for World Listening Day.

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival (15 July)

Commission to make a new sonic bus tour of Bournemouth Town centre for this arts festival.

Soundwork broadcast (20 June)

hydrophone recording from under the pier played on Field reporter programmed by Flavien Gillié.

‘Night and Day’ film nominated for Film Nation Shorts Awards (15 June)

Film I helped make with ion Oates and young people from Portland nominated for an award.

amble (5 June)

Released my Android app, amble, on Google Play. This is part of my b-side arts cultural Olympiad commission.

Somewhere on the edge

Have a track included on this compilation released by Gruenrekorder label.

Sound is Art blog 25 April

New sound piece on the Sound is Art blog.

The Fourth State of Water: From Micro to Macro – 2 March to 29 April 2012

My soundscape, Fleet Lagoon, was included in this exhibition at Centre of Contemporary Art  ‘Znaki Czasu’, Torun, Poland. More information here; and you can find the work here;

3Priiises Vol4 PR album release 2 April

My sound piece ‘hospital waiting’ features on this compilation along with work by Kris Limbach and Flavien Gilli. On net label Earsheltering.

Exhibition at Bridport Museum

My sound work, Ridgeway, has been installed for the summer season (April – October 2012).

Talk at oral history day    24 March 2012

Presenting Our Working Lives project to a group of oral historians with a specialism in labour history across London. Conference called Britain at Work, at the Bishopsgate Institute in London.

Brilliance2    9, 10, 11 March 2012

Had two of my abstract animations projected at this outdoors light event on Poole Quay. See this post for more details.

Talk on Fleet Lagoon    2 March 2012

Presenting a soundscape on the Fleet Lagoon at PVA MediaLab Kingcombe Event, audioLab12.

Seaside Sounds album release 24 February

Seaside Sounds by Joe Stevens & Luís Antero issued on Green Field Recordings (

b-side cultural Olympiad commission    January 2012

To create a generative app for b-side Multi Media Festival 2012. That will be informed by contemporary visual art, combined with mapmaking and GPS recording the landscape, into a new animated artwork.

Film maker: First Lights: Shorts    September – December 2011

Working with young people at Portland Youth Club and PVA MediaLab on a film around their interpretation of ‘Truce’. Delivered as part of the London 2012 Film Nation: Shorts. Allowing young people to tell stories that mean something to them and show how they see the world.

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Open

My audio visual work ‘thunder‘ and soundwork ‘uMM‘ were chosen from over 74 works submitted.

counterText11 18-27 November 2011

My audio visual work ‘diplopia‘ and ‘thunder‘ featured in this transmedia Festival.

Gene Pool 9 November 2011

I was interviewed for the gene pool show that airs on soundartradioFM.

The School Looks Around seminar 8 November 2011

I was invited to take part in this seminar to discuss and share learning around engaging young people in culture and community.

School Looks Around book

Designed a limited edition artist book to hold the archive for ‘School Looks Around: Dartmoor’ project. The book features a series of textual posters, poems, photographs, a map and audio CD that provides a soundtrack in response to Dartmoor.

A Silent Swaying Breath

I have some work included on this compilation CD.

Super Sonic Festival 22-23 October

My work, Saturday morning fry up, has been chosen to be included in SOUNDkitchen’s installations at Supersonic.

O Colecionador de Sons 3 October 2011

Excerpts from my work ‘sounds of the seaside‘ performed on the 36th emission of this radio show, O Colecionador de Sons (Rádio Zero / RUC / SFC).

O Colecionador de Sons 26 September 2011

One of my soundworks was included as part of audiolab 10: the language of space on radio program O Colecionador de Sons (Rádio Zero / RUC / SFC).

The School Looks Around Dartmoor 20-27 September 2011

Produced a new radio piece, which was broadcast on a number of FM stations around the world, including resonanceFM.

Soundscapes of Ringstead for National Trust 3 September 2011

A commission from the National Trust to capture the soundscapes of Ringstead. Issued on memory stick.

Sonic bus tour of Poole’s working landscape 31 August – 1 September 2011

Produced this unique tour of Poole’s working landscape on a 1959 routeMaster bus.

The Way We Worked Exhibition  June – September 2011

Co-curated an exhibition over two floors at Poole Museum. About people’s working lives and the affordability of goods in the shops, making comparisons between the 1950s and today.  The exhibition features snippets from the oral history interviews collected as part of the Our Working Lives project.

umter magazine 17 August 2011

My photographs from the working landscapes series featured in the an issue of umter magazine.

Sounds of the Summer 10 August 2011

My field recordings of – Burton Bradstock beach – featured on 94.9fm radio program Sounds of the Summer.

Landscape and Industry exhibition catalog 31 July 2011

Exhibition catalog for my Landscape and Industry published.

BEAM Festival 24-26 June 2011

My audio visual work ‘diplopia‘ featured at the BEAM Festival; held at the Artaud Performance Centre on the Brunel University campus, Uxbridge.

Landscape and Industry Photography Exhibition 23  April – 5 September 2011

Curated an exhibition of contemporary landscape photographs that explore Poole’s working landscape. At the Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts. This exhibition continues my strong interest in landscape photographs that examine the changes made by humankind to the landscape, not just work in progress of alterations and maintenance, but also the layers of history.

Exhibition at Phoenix Contemporary B+B 3  March – 15 June 2011

Sound of the seaside textual posterworks were shown as part of a mixed show by South West Arts.

Featured in April issue of tristesse engraved magazine

Our working lives, lead artist    January 2009 – April 2011

I’m working with a group of volunteers from Poole and Parkstone, along with Poole museum. Investigating how work patterns have changed from the 20th to the 21st century. This will lead to an exhibition at Poole museum and a book with enclosed audio CD.

framework radio January 8 2011

My work was featured on framework radio, No. 313. Playing first on ResonanceFM in London, and then on several other independent radio stations across Europe and the USA.

Exhibition at White Stones Café Gallery

My sound of the seaside textual posterworks were shown in this gallery on Portland from 24 November – 12 January 2011.

Sound Proof 3 November 23 2010 to January 15 2011

A wall piece installation of text works from Sound Proof 3 is on exhibition at Homerton Library,  on the foyer wall at the entrance of the library. Sound Proof 3 is a dialogue between two sites of the future Olympics, connecting them in a conversation between the artists in the exhibition and the sites themselves. Sound Proof 3 links the London site of the 2012 Olympics in Hackney with the Dorset site in Weymouth & Portland.

Exhibition at Bridport Art Centre

My sound of the seaside textual posterworks were shown as part of counterText10 to complement the Bridport Literary Festival, from 29 October – 7 November 2010.

Produced an hour long radio program for framework:afield 25-30 October

This show, “Sounds of the Seaside” played on resonanceFM,, thessaloniki, gr on cooradio, lisbon, pt on radio zero, on radio campus 92.1fm, new york state, us on wgxc 90.7fm, and south devon, uk on soundartradio 102.5fm.

Radio Futura, radio program created  2nd October

Half hour radio program, ‘Sounds of the seaside’ on radio futura. This was part of Future Places: Five days of exhibitions and events addressing the potential and the impact of digital media on local cultures. Digital media and local cultures intersect at FuturePlaces in Porto, bringing discussion and pratice to a common table. RadioFutura will be the place to find this intersection in the radio space, directly on your receiver at 91.5MHz in Porto or listening online

Talk at Sound:Site – Sonic Art Festival  2nd October

Invited to talk and demonstration ‘Sounds of the Seaside‘. Exploring the Internet as a context for making and showing artwork, for sharing sounds, bringing communities together, and curating sonic experiences.

Artist at B-Side Multi Media Festival 20 – 24 Setember 2010

I took part in this online residency as part of the B-Side Festival. Where I partnered with three artists to link the 2012 Olympics sites of London, Portland and Weymouth through the medium of text discussions focusing on sound using a twitter feed.

Photography workshop leader    July – August 2010

Working with people suffering with early stage Dementia / Alzheimer for Poole Independent Care Services. I led a 10 week photography workshop.

Press Gang, workshop leader    July – August 2010

Working with Poole Housing Partnership I led a number of workshops for young people on the Bourne Valley estate. Covering journalistic techniques and photo-journalism.

Framework Radio new website August 2010

Designed and produced a new website;

Public Domain festival, workshop leader    16-18 July 2010

As part of World Listening Day, I explored the sonic environment  of Bournemouth. Asking the public’s help to survey the sonic landmarks of the part of this three-day festival.

The School Looks Around,    April 2010 – September 2010

Lead artist on this daisi project of using creativity to make the local area and issues of society and citizenship come alive for young people, and establishing new and lasting connections between schools and their communities. This is a partnership project between Daisi, Devon County Council Libraries and Devon Record Office, with London partners the Whitechapel Gallery and creative consultancy General Public Agency.

Inland-Sealand, lead artist    tbc 2010 – August 2012

An artist–led community arts and education project connecting inland Sherborne via cross country footpaths to the coastal areas of Weymouth and Portland. This project has been awarded the ‘Inspire Mark’ in recognition of its official 2012 Olympic status.

Soundwalk    18-19 June 2010

I led one of the participatory sound walks at Whitstable Biennale.  This was part of PVAs audiolab10.2 – sound symposium, the language of place.

Film maker: One Below the Queen    March – May 2010

Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate in NW London Working with an intergenerational group of residents to make a documentary film about the estate. Further information about this project:

Sonic waves exhibition    March 9-27, 2010

Part of a group show at Bridport Arts Centre.

UK Public Health Arts Conference, artist    March 2010

A commission to develop a live interactive google maps / sound work, which I will develop at the Conference. Also projecting my animation, ‘Sea’, in the Bournemouth International Conference foyer.

Soundwalk    March 7, 2010

I led, participatory sound walks from Bridport to West Bay. This was part of PVAs audiolab10 – sound symposium, the language of place.

Foreland    April – September 2009

Lead artist on a short workshop working with the Gryphon school, RendezVous and Sherborne House Arts on an arts / walking project. Work exhibited at Sherborne House in October 2009.

Village Screen Glastonbury – Interactive Project    June 23 – 29 2009

As part of the Cultural Olympiad I will be showing my random generated abstract animations on the Village Screen, which is made up of two 25msq screens. This is an Arts Council led collaboration with the BBC and I was amazingly selected with six other artists from around the UK. and

My Place in Weymouth & Portland    June – July 2009

A commission to work with Weymouth & Portland Borough Council and young people from the area on a short film about being young and homeless. Featuring young people dramatising their experiences and the  Young Persons Housing Advisor, talking about how she can mediate with families and liaise with other agencies in an attempt to resolve the issues which lead to the young person becoming homeless. and

Hipersonica    March 10th to April 19th, 2009

My soundwork has been selected for Hipersonica – a music/soundart event which is part of the famous FILE – Electronic Language Festival 2009 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

SoundPOOL    March – December 2009

My sound work ‘with the window wide open’ has been selected for SoundLAB VI, sound compositions – a challenge for imagination. This is an international touring program of events.

Framework    1-5 February 2009

My sound work was featured on framework (a radio program dedicated to phonography/field recording; contextual and decontextualized sound activity. The show was broadcast on resonanceFM in London, on radio Zero, Lisbon and radio Campus, Brussels.

Pump house exhibition    15-19 December 2008

I exhibited two pieces of work at Sutton Poyntz Pump House. One was the video and sound work ‘Portland Bill’, along with a sound piece  ‘no public access’.

CounterText    7-10 November 2008

Countertext was a collection of multimedia installations and events that included sculpture, sound, video, and performances in Bridport, West Bay and Beaminster. I exhibited sound installation ‘with the window wide open’, in Bridport Old Books. This work aims to evoke memories of a particular time and place, using field recordings along with treated sounds.

My Future City    July 2008

A commission to create a giant artwork, on the hoarding of BBC Media Village. Working closely with Artswest and the BBC. This work involves a website (, a 30meter banner around the BBC and supporting publicity.

WDDC planning project – Capturing Local Character DVD    May 2008

Delivering a piece of consultancy on behalf of Planning Policy at West Dorset District Council. This work aims to capture the views, likes and dislikes of young people across 5 locations with regard to understanding what is important to them about these places using stills and audio.

Exhibition at Poole Lighthouse    January – March 2008

Another showing of the photographic exhibition of my work, showing work from the commission from Poole Arts Development to capture the ordinary and the everyday in Old Town Poole. This time upstairs outside the theatre rather then the gallery space.

Pavilion film shown at Exeter Phoenix    26th March 2008

The film was shown as part of Community Equality Disability Action event at Exeter Phoenix.

Film Maker – BBC Big Screen Awards     January 2008

Nominated for BBC Big Screen Awards 2007 in the Arts, Factual and Documentary section for the Pavilion in the Past film.

Photographer     November 2007

WAVE A photographic documentation of Cultural Hub Early Years projects and a WAVE dance workshop.

Film Maker     October 2007

Bournemouth Borough Council Video documentation of Bournemouth Borough Council project. Working with Bournemouth Theatre in Education.

Exhibition at Poole Lighthouse    September – October 2007

Photographic exhibition of my work, showing work from the commission from Poole Arts Development to capture the ordinary and the everyday in Old Town Poole.

Photographer     March – September 2007

Adult Social Care and Well-Being A photographic commission to record the lives of 65+ in old town Poole and Parkstone. Also working with a group of 65+ residents of Poole and Parkstone, to enable them to produce a body of work and to mentor another artist. Culminating in an exhibition at the Lighthouse.

Mentor     March – September 2007

Working with Poole Arts Development Team and Artsmatrix, I mentored a local artist over a 6 month period.

Film maker    2006 – 2007

Broadstone First School As part of Bournemouth’s Cultural Hub project I worked with Bournemouth Theatre in Education and year 7 children from Broadstone First School on a film and performance piece of work. This work was given 3 performances at the school, and the film was distributed amongst parents and cultural hub partners. The film was also shown at a Cultural Hub review meeting.

Film maker / Project manager    2006 – 2007

Westfield Technology College A video documentary project with children from class 5 at Westfield Technology College to explore the cultural significance of Weymouth pavilion. This area is due to be re-developed and children, teachers and myself will investigate how people have used this space in the past. Further information about this project:

Exhibition at Weymouth Pavilion    July 2007

Exhibition of my photographic work related to this project. Alongside a screening of our Pavilion Past local history documentary on Weymouth Pavilion.

Photography artist leading workshops on the BBC Blast Tour    June 2007

Working with BBC Blast and nine statemented young people on a photography and photo manipulation 2 day workshop in Bournemouth.

Top prize at Sherborne House OPEN 06     2006

Three abstract animations I entered (5 circles, pop art, and sea) won the top prize at Sherborne House colour & chemistry OPEN 06 Exhibition. These three abstract works exploring the power of pure colour, light and simple graphic shapes to create digital animations that I hope evoke a joyful exuberance.

Evolver Prize 2006

Exhibited at Sherborne House 1st – 16th July and at Atrium Gallery, Bournemouth Gallery, 20th July – 12 August.

Bridport Art Centre group show    22 – 24 August 2006

Exhibited in a group show at Bridport Art Centre.

Film maker    2006

Weymouth College A commission to document Sherborne Douzelage and Weymouth College’s involvement in this event. To produce a DVD for the college to show and to handout to partners.

Artist in Video Production, Website Design & Animation      2000 – 2007

Hammersmith & Fulham Young Carers This has turned into an ongoing project with a group of young carers (12-16yrs old). The first project involved engaging with the group and enabling them to produce a website to present their experience in their own voice. Due to the fantastic, and award winning, website the group produced (, the project moved on to the following year producing a video drama using digital video cameras and laptops to edit with. Since then the project has continued to produce a range of work, which is always added to their website.

Arts Project worker     2004 – 2006

Children Fund Continuing the work I did with the Young Carers, developing projects and working with groups in various digital arts projects ( & Project management, workshops and drawing ideas for completion of projects to final preparation and backend action scripting the ideas.

Sound and photography project  – Hustle & Bustle    September 2005

Hammersmith & Fulham Young Carers Project A commission to work with 12 young people on Hustle and Bustle ( We produced a booklet of photographs and quotes and an audio documentary of interviews with local people and stall holders on North End Road Market. The young people began by visiting the market and completed a history trail of the area. They then developed questions to ask a variety of people, conducted the interviews and took photographs.

Film Maker     August 2003

Sherborne Contemporary Arts A commission to work with 8 young people and produce 4 films over a 14 day period.

X-Site commission     1998 – 2000

PVA A commission to work with young people in Beaminster and explore ‘rural isolation’, with a view for each participant to produce an interactive animation expressing their views. This work was shown on the X-Site website and presented at an outdoor projection in Lyme Regis during the August Bank holiday.

Freelance Internet and New Media Tutor/Consultant    1997 – 2001

Working with a range of organisations, for example; AZAD – teaching desktop publishing, using the internet, and website design using HTML to their client group which is the voluntary sector in London with the Asian community as their main catchment group.     1996 – 2000 PVA – working with this artist collective in the development and delivery of technology based training, with an emphasis on structuring the courses specifically for artists.     1998 – 2000 Weymouth College – teaching elements (video, sound and time based art) of the HND lens based media certificated course & (DTP) on the HND 3D course.     2000 – 2001