GPS animated landscape

Last week to catch artwork made from a GPS recorded walk on Portland. Displayed during the Olympics as part of b-side arts cultural Olympiad programme. You will find this work – Parallels and Meridians – at Jackson’s Gallery, Fortuneswell, Portland till 9th Sept.

The GPS data has been reinterpreted into an abstract visual. The results are playful and seem almost random, but are drawn according to an exact set of guidelines. Using the code as a pencil, sketching the landscape with raw scientific data culled from a GPS recorder.

parallels & meridians still

About Parallels and Meridians

The drawings begin with a GPS recorder, capturing locations. The data is read in a sequence that follows my walk and translated into images that develop frame by frame to create a moving image.
The work aims to capture the ephemeral act of wandering itself — in fleeting scenes unfolding and then disappearing before they have begun to fully form and extends drawing with pencil into the use of new technology and specifically that of scientific instruments such as GPS recorders, to challenge the assumptions of what drawing is or might be.

Hear more about this work at my talk on Sep 5, 7pm at Jackson’s Gallery, Portland.

Read more about the work at:

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