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Portland Harbour

album coverThe Portland Harbour beaches are small and secluded. The beaches are on a spit, just like the neighbouring Chesil Beach starting at the ruins of Castleton Castle. Castle Cove is a small privately owned sandy beach backed by cliffs.

Sandsfoot Castle beach within Portland Harbour, also known as Southlands beach is sand and rocks. This small beach with a rocky backdrop on one side and low cliff on the other is private but public can use it as long as rubbish is taken home.

Portland Harbour was formed in the 19th century by constructing breakwaters to close off part of Portland Roads, originally open sea and as deep as the waters off Weymouth. With a maximum depth of 16m near the South Ship Channel, the harbour is mostly about 12m deep in the outer, eastern part shallowing gently to about 4m off the Chesil Beach and, of course, then shallowing progressively to the land. About three quarters of the harbour is on Kimmeridge Clay, but the northern and northeastern part is on Corallian strata.

Further info from Geology of Portland Harbour, Dorset at;

Recorded at Sandsfoot Castle (Southlands) Beach, Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom.
Latitude/Longitude: 50.5939, -2.46204
Recorded: 7th January 2012
Running Time: 13.57


released 12 January 2012

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