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roadworks front cover


About this album

This album was recorded and mixed at the same time as A30 album and has a similar textual feel to A30. In a way Joe almost started to see them as a double album. A30 was to do with movement, of being in a car, traveling along different road textures. While this Roadworks was about being stationary, stuck in traffic jams, with ongoing road works.

As per the A30 album, Roadworks sees Joe combine three different strands of his work: concrete music, ambient sound design and field recording. With this release he has branched out from his previous albums of pure field recording, and merged his interest in phonography, with his fascination for the work of the early electronic music pioneers.

The sounds on this album have been constructed from recordings captured close to roadworks. The original field recordings have undergone extensive post-production, with the sounds being manipulated and mixed with the original source material to create a new series of tracks.


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