Earls Court Project

For the past three years we have been delivering an education project focused on the regeneration of Earls Court, in partnership with Capital and Counties.

So far we have worked with St. Cuthbert with St. Matthias school, Fulham Primary, Normand Croft, Fulham Cross Girls and Henry Compton Boys schools, engaging children and young people in this major change in their local area in future years.
Our aim is to include children and young people’s views and perspectives within the consultation process of this project.

To enable the Earls Court Project to be more widely shared by schools in other locations, an education pack is being created consisting of a series of lesson plans on urban regeneration that can be used for Key Stages 2 and 3, in any location where regeneration is planned.

More information on the regeneration of Earls Court can be found at myearlscourt.com