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Web design

sally booth websiteOur web design process is an interactive one. First we listen to our customers and advise them how we believe their best interests will be served, then we produce an initial skeleton of the website. We upload this to a non-public web space where the client can literally watch it grow. We encourage feedback and make changes if required. The results of this collaboration are websites that fulfil their purposes and give their owners a true sense of involvement.

We emphasize function in design without losing sight of the importance of ingenuity and fun. Here at 51ÂșN we pride ourselves in being able to create great solutions. Our process starts with you, and can be as complete as a full design, (for websites including coding, hosting, and maintenance of your site), all the way down to a logo.

We specialise in using the latest web standards to ensure integration with smart phones and tablets, making our sites cross browser compliant and search engine friendly. Stcking to standards helps our websites be of the highest quality.

Our prices are very competitive, and are dependent on the task at hand. Send us your requirements to us and receive a quote today!

Web design examples

Here you will find some examples of our web based work. If you wish to see these in greater detail, please visit these sites.